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Our Philosophy & Process

We embrace the entirety of what it means to do Wealth Management. Here’s how we’re different:

The Difference at Yoder Wealth Management Walnut Creek, CA Yoder Wealth Management

Although many advisors use the term, according to research by the firm CEG Worldwide, only 6% of advisors truly practice wealth management. Most other advisors are investment generalists who emphasize portfolio management much more heavily than big-picture planning strategies.

With Anat’s expertise in Financial Planning and Michael’s in Investment Management, our unique advantage lies in the complementary skill set of our two partners. This allows us to offer the best of both worlds: in-depth holistic advice paired with customized portfolio solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. As a result, you can expect a much deeper level of advice and service compared to what some advisors can offer.

Wealth Management Process

Our wealth management process is designed to ensure your finances are expertly aligned with your goals and values. We review every major aspect of your financial life, identify areas of concern, and devise and implement solutions in conjunction with your tax and legal advisors. 

Phone Interview Walnut Creek, CA Yoder Wealth Management

Advanced Planning

The first element is ensuring you have a coordinated plan in place to achieve your various objectives. Below are the typical components:

  • Financial Optimization - We conduct a thorough review of your day-to-day financial operations, and identify opportunities for improvement or greater efficiency.
  • Tax Mitigation - In conjunction with your tax advisor, we evaluate various techniques to mitigate your lifetime income tax burden. 
  • Asset Protection - We review your insurance coverages and legal structures to help prevent your assets being unjustly taken from you.
  • Equity Compensation -  Where applicable, we review and make recommendations on your stock options, RSUs, ESPP, and other company stock ownership plans.
  • Wealth Transfer - We work with your legal team to ensure your estate planning strategies and documents are consistent with your goals and needs. 
  • Charitable Giving - We evaluate strategies and techniques to magnify your impact on the causes you care about.

Portfolio Management


Once we’ve addressed your wealth planning needs, the second element is ensuring your investment portfolio is optimally structured. Our competitive edge lies in knowing and understanding you and your goals better than anyone else, and tightly coordinating your assets accordingly.

To that end, we often recommend segmenting your wealth into two sleeves, with the first designed to ensure the ongoing maintenance of your desired lifestyle, and the second to accomplish your more aspirational goals. The former is appropriately diversified, while the latter has broader latitude to take on more risk as desired.

We primarily build our portfolios using low-cost passive investments that provide highly specific exposure along with diversification and tax efficiency. We rely upon our own analysis as well as expert independent third-party research. 

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