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Our Philosophy & Process

We embrace the entirety of what it means to do Wealth Management. Here’s how we’re different:

Although many advisors use the term, according to research by the firm CEG Worldwide, only 6% of advisors truly practice wealth management. Most other advisors are investment generalists who emphasize portfolio management much more heavily than big-picture planning strategies.

With Anat’s expertise in Financial Planning and Michael’s in Investment Management, our unique advantage lies in the complementary skill set of our two partners. This allows us to offer the best of both worlds: in-depth holistic advice paired with customized portfolio solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. As a result, you can expect a much deeper level of advice and service compared to what some advisors can offer.

Wealth Management Process

Our job is to address the financial details of your retirement so you can focus on how you’ll spend your time.
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Our Long Term Relationship

If you are already retired, our primary goal is ensuring you can continue living your lifestyle as planned. Together we will initially focus on:

  • Your retirement income plan
  • Making sure you’re not taking on too much risk (or too little) in your portfolio
  • Minimizing income taxes
  • Integrating your estate planning into our process
  • Addressing any other concerns you may have

As retirement progresses, we often begin addressing new issues, such as:

  • Gifting to children/grandchildren
  • Formal charitable giving approaches
  • Advanced estate planning strategies

We seek to continually provide you with reassurance that everything is on track, as well as ensure every aspect of your finances is optimally positioned. You might be interested in learning about our background here or our investment philosophy here.