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Equity Compensation

Stock options and other forms of equity compensation can represent a huge opportunity to build substantial wealth. Unfortunately, all too often the opportunity is squandered as a result of poor planning or unforced errors.

Many people fail to implement differentiated strategies for their ESPP, restricted shares, and stock options, despite the massive differences in tax treatment and basic structure. This may be due to the sheer number of moving parts and fear of making a mistake.

We help you make the most of your company stock plans, including:

  • Liquidation Strategies – The transition from paper wealth to personal wealth is critical. While taking into account any 10b5-1 or minimum ownership requirements that apply, we provide specific recommendations as to how to retain the maximum upside exposure while systematically diversifying your position.
  • Tax Mitigation – We help formulate strategies to minimize income taxes while executing your divestment plan.
  • Death or Disability – We review what happens to your plans in the event your employment is interrupted.
  • Gifting Strategies – Where applicable, we evaluate when and how your equity compensation can potentially interact with your gifting plans.

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