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Who We Serve

We serve individuals and families who have more than enough to comfortably retire, and are looking for a personal CFO to provide expert guidance in overseeing their financial affairs.

Our clients typically have the following goals:

  • To preserve and grow their wealth
  • To minimize income and estate taxes
  • To protect their assets from being unjustly taken
  • To maximize the impact of their wealth on their family or charities
  • To ensure they’re making the right decisions in all aspects of their finances

Our clients grew their wealth through a lifetime of hard work, delayed gratification, and prudently taking risk. As such, they generally value responsible stewardship of their assets over excessive consumption or speculation. Most, but not all, also want to ensure a meaningful legacy in addition to an enjoyable retirement.

Since your goals are closely tied to your values, it’s important for us to get to know you on a deep level so we can best serve you. Before we enter into a new relationship, we take the time to ensure there is a mutual fit in terms of approach, process and philosophy. This allows us to ensure we work only with those for whom we can provide significant value. If we discover we aren’t a good match, we’ll kindly take the time to help you locate a better fit.

We invite you to learn more about our background to determine if we might be the right advisors for you.  

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