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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Wealth Management?

Wealth Management is a process in which your entire range of financial concerns is addressed, rather than just your portfolio questions. It entails customized investment advice combined with a thorough planning approach, along with close coordination with your tax and legal advisors.

How often will we hear from you once we become a client?

Once your initial planning is complete, we schedule periodic calls and meetings designed to review your progress and address changes. We’ll decide on the frequency together (e.g. quarterly), based upon your preferences. In addition, your portfolios are monitored continually. Should something arise on your end, we take pride in our quick response time and being accessible to you, which is another benefit of our low client-advisor ratio.

How are you different from other firms?

Planning for your new life requires more than a few stock recommendations and a pie chart. Our work is not done until every major decision has been exhaustively reviewed, and a detailed road map has been laid out. In addition, we help our clients understand the need to be prepared for the non-financial aspects of retirement, and offer a formal setting to facilitate that conversation.

How large is your firm?

By design, our practice is small and focused, allowing you to receive the level of attention necessary to fully plan for your retirement. Your advice will come directly from our principals, and will be tailored specifically to your unique circumstances.

What if I'm not within five years of retirement? Can we still work together?

It’s very difficult for us to say no to someone who needs our help, but one of the ways we’re able to provide a high degree of service and personal touch is by staying true to our specialty. If you’re not there yet, we know and trust several other advisors in the area, and can put you in touch with someone better equipped to handle your particular situation.

Do you invest your own personal money in the same vehicles you recommend for clients?

Yes, absolutely. Our personal mix of those investments may differ from yours, but we never recommend anything we wouldn’t invest in ourselves. In other words, we believe in eating our own cooking.