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Making Retirement Meaningful

If you’re like most people, your plan for retirement includes some combination of travel, family time, home projects, and leisure activities. While this is a great start, it often isn’t enough. Research1 suggests that most retirees stay engaged for a period of about two years, on average. After that, many become unhappy and have a hard time figuring out why.

The answer lies in the fact that for successful people, their career often fulfills several of their basic human needs. For example, work may be their primary source of identity, community, stimulation, impact, etc. In their haste to retire, most people do not recognize the void that will eventually surface. The question is how to replace the benefits of work without inviting the very stress you’re trying to escape.

We have a solution.

At our firm, we are passionate about not just getting people to retirement, but also ensuring it is a meaningful retirement. As part of our process, we go beyond a perfunctory discussion of your goals. We provide you with thought-provoking questions and tools to help you address important components of a healthy and fulfilling retirement, including:

  • Personal Growth (learning new skills, expanding your horizons, etc.)
  • Physical Activity (anywhere from walking to competitive sports)
  • Connectedness (maintaining close relationships)
  • Impact (making a difference in the lives of others)

Our business is not to tell you how to live your life – we simply have learned the right questions to ask. Our discussions help put your focus in the right place. The more you address the details of your life ahead, the more likely you will enjoy a retirement that is memorable and personally fulfilling.

1 – Good examples include Ken Dychtwald’s research along with the University of Michigan’s Dave Ulrich