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Advanced Planning

Our holistic approach to managing your wealth is based upon a consultative process designed to ensure that we address all issues that encompass your financial life. Below are some of the advanced planning areas our services commonly entail:

Retirement Analysis

  • We can help you formulate a detailed plan to ensure that you are able to continue your desired lifestyle throughout your retirement.

Tax Mitigation

  • Working in conjunction with your tax advisor, we can develop a sophisticated plan to minimize income and capital gains taxes throughout the course of your lifetime.

Equity Compensation

  • We can help formulate a strategy to navigate your stock options, restricted stock awards/units, 10b5-1 plans, and any other component of your stock-related compensation.

Wealth Protection

  • We analyze your entire situation to ensure that you are protected against potential litigation, creditors, and catastrophic loss.

Estate Planning

  • We work with your attorney to ensure that all aspects of your finances are aligned with your formal estate plan.

Charitable Giving

  • Whether you give informally or follow a defined Multi-year strategy, we can help develop a plan to maximize the lasting impact to charities you care about.